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Sam Colt, innovative weapons inventor, became well-known the world over and played an important role in the development of the United States. Colt worked with the U.S. government and designed more powerful revolvers made with interchangeable parts and eventually began manufacturing overseas as well. His award-winning guns could be decorated and engraved and were presented to leaders all over the world. Colt's weapons were known for their accuracy and reliability and his success lead to fame and fortune. Despite Colt's death, the company began building Dr. R.J. Gatling’s machine guns and revolvers that used self-contained metallic cartridges. Colt became a major producer of sidearms, rifles, machine guns, and anti-aircraft guns for the U.S. Government. Colt produced lightweight semiautomatic pistols, lightweight revolvers and the M16 military fully automatic rifle. Weapons were also offered for sale commercially with tremendous marketing success. Today, Colt continues to produce firearms for our military, law enforcement, commercial, and international markets.