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Sandpiper of California, established in 1980, works with law enforcement and US military personnel providing them with relevant product designs and features. PiperGear USA, SOC's sister company, manufactures their tactical products at the highest industry standards. SOC proudly offers the finest frame systems, survival and tactical gear, and travel and recreational accessories available.

SOC Gear (formerly known as Bugout Bags or Bugout Gear)  continues to be a very strong selling product line with over 100,000 units sold worldwide in each of the last (3) years. Superior construction, quality materials and attention to detail are put into every bag, so purchasing an SOC  Bag is a smart choice. Versatility is the main element that maintains the SOC Gear  popularity. The generous main compartment gives ample space for cargo and with the expandability, store even more. Airline carry-on friendly, but large enough to pack multiple days of clothing with ease.