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As part of the wide roster of military uniforms here at Military Uniform Supply, the MultiCam uniform is one of the most popular. Currently, the MultiCam uniform is the official combat uniform for U.S. Army forces in Afghanistan and throughout the middle east. There is even news that Army officials are planning to suggest that the MultiCam should be used as the official camouflage pattern for all soldiers of the U.S. Army. As a result, the demand for this innovative camouflage uniform may further hieghten.

At Military Uniform Supply, we stay abreast the latest changes in the U.S. Military, and we adapt our solutions to meet the current needs of today's forces. We offer a huge selection of MultiCam uniform products, and we go into greater detail about some of these product below.


MultiCam Uniform Jackets Multicam Jacket

Our inventory of MuliCam uniform jackets includes many different manufacturers, such as 5.11 Tactical, Tru-Spec™, and Propper™. Each offers their own unique set of features, such as exceptional protection from flame and heat, as well as Lenzing FR® which absorbs and evaporates perspiration much faster. Most of the MuliCam coats and jackets we carry are swen to Military specification (GL/PD 07-13) and can be found in a wide range of styles depending on the application.

Multicam Pants MultiCam Uniform Pants

Similar to MultiCam coats and jackets, the pants and trousers that complete the MultiCam uniform are unique per manufacturer. Some are tailored with a 50/50 blend of nylon and cotton ripstop fabric, whereas others are sewn using a 65/35 blend. The more advanced options of MultiCam pants (such as the MultiCam FROG trousers) are equipped with reinforced seat and articulated knees, as well as flame resistant fabric, thread, zippers, and loop components.


MultiCam Headgear 

At Military Uniform Supply, you can explore a huge selection of hats, caps, and other forms of headgear in MultiCam. In addition to helmet covers and patrol caps, one popular option is the Condor Tactical Cap package deal, which comes with a 4" custom name tape and forward facing American flag patch (with Velcro®.)


Multicam BootsMultiCam Boots & Footwear 

Perhaps the most unique application of the MultiCam camouflage pattern is in textiles. MultiCam boots are prime examples of this application. The pattern is integrated on both the rubber material as well as fabric, making for advanced form of footwear that completes the MultiCam uniform from head to toe. Some options include the Khyber TR560 Mountain Hybrid and Kiowa TR505 Lightweight Tactical Research from Belleville. These boots offer exceptional comfort and mobility in the field.


MultiCam Bags & Packs Multicam Packs

No soldier is complete without a sufficient pack to carry essential supplies and nutrition. We carry a huge selection of various MultiCam bags and packs, ranging from simple sling bags to 3-day Assault Packs. A few of the most popular we carry are the MultiCam Bugout Bag, the MultiCam GTH III 3-Day Pack, and the 3 Day Pass MultiCam Backpack.

So whether you're a soldier of the U.S. Army or common civilian, MultiCam uniform clothing and gear offers advantages in various situations.