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Blog Article - Uncovering the Design

Uncovering the Design of the Top U.S. Military Uniforms

MultiCam UniformsEach branch of the U.S. Armed forces uses its own particular military uniforms and standard regulations for uniform wear. The design and use of each U.S. Military uniform has been evolved over years of experimentation, trail and error, and technology.

Some of the main types of U.S. Military uniforms used today include: Army Combat Uniforms (ACUs), Airman Battle Uniforms (ABUs), MultiCam Uniforms, Desert Combat Uniforms, and few other more specialized types of military uniforms.

Below we go into detail about the three of the most popular uniforms of the U.S. Military and why they're so fit for modern day combat.


ACU Camo Army Combat Uniform (ACU)

The ACU is referred to as the Universal Camouflage Pattern or "UCP" and has been in use since 2005. It earned the UCP label because the digital camouflage pattern of the ACU has been integrated in many different types of uniform, such as the desert digital ACU (which is common in the U.S. Marines) as well as the Woodland digital uniform.

Army Combat Uniforms are considered to be one of the common in the Armed Forces as they are worn by many different units of the U.S. Army. The color coordination of the ACU is composed of foliage green blended with various shades of gray and a touch of tan. These U.S. Military uniforms can be obtained by buying components seperately, such as the jacket, pants, and patrol cap, as a complete ACU package. Additionally, the ACU can be found using materials that are flame resistant.


Airman Battle Uniform (ABU)

In the U.S. Military, ABUs have have been in effect since 2007 and they are used by members of the U.S. Air Force. These unique military uniforms are composed of a digitalized tiger stripe camouflage pattern, which give an appearance of a pixilated design that's blended with more prounced stripes like that of the old tiger stripe uniforms worn in Vietnam. They are mainly comprised of tones of gray and slate blue colors. ABU

The Airman Battle Uniform is common in various Air Force units, including grounds units, special operations units and security units. They are also seen in special units deployed in Afghanistan. As one of the most valued uniforms of the U.S. Military, the ABU is currently being produced in large quantities in the effort to replace the BDU or Battle Dress Uniform that was a common yet not as effective option for certain branches of the U.S. Military. Airman Battle Uniforms can be tailored to offer an abundance of special features, such as near infrared (NIR), reinforced elbows, four pockets on the jacket exterior, and flame resistant qualities.

MultiCam Uniform

MultiCam UniformMultiCam, which is mainly applied to the U.S. Army forces, has become one of the most widely recognized military unforms. The primary application of MultiCam uniforms are for specific units and personnel that are deployed to Afghanistan and on other special operations forces in the Middle East. Because the unique camouflage pattern of MultiCam offered an incredible level of concealment in these dry arid conditions (compared to other U.S. Military uniforms,) they were recommended by U.S. Armed Forces officials to be used for all U.S. Amry units deployed in Afghanistan.

The MultiCam camouflage pattern is highly advanced in that it is said to trick the eye's preception of color and surround environment. It comes in a variety of colors that include tan, brown, shades of green, pink and yellow. MultiCam is indeed so effective at providing concealment for U.S. Army troops that it may be adopted in various other branches and units of the U.S. Military.

Several things have changed in many aspects of military, and standard issue uniforms are under constant testing and development. It will be interesting to see what new advancements come about in the following years as the environmental conditions change for today's Armed Forces, and thus the combat uniforms that are worn.