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Shop Union & Confederate Civil War Uniforms, Clothing, and More at MUS

If you're looking for Union or Confederate Civil War uniforms for sale, Military Uniform Supply offers one of the greatest selections of reproduction Civil War clothing, authentic uniforms, accessories, gear and more. Civil War Clothing Uniforms

Whether you take part in annual Civil War reenactments or collect memorabilia from the historical 1861-1865 era, MUS is sure to have something to spark your interests.

Civil War Reenactment Clothing for Adults & Kids

Unlike some suppliers of Civil War reenactment clothing, here at MUS we offer Civil War uniform attire and clothing suitable for kids. Ideal for a celebratory reenactment, both kids and adults can take part in the action.

Each piece has been carefully crafted to meet the exact specifications and styles of the Union or Confederate army. You can trust that the Civil War uniforms offers at MUS are completey genuine and authentically-designed reproductions.

Union & Confederate Civil War Uniform Accessories

In addition to Civil War reenactment clothing, we also carry a huge selection of brass buttons and chevrons to make uniforms even more authentic. Ranging from Cavalry, Artillery, and Infantry, the assortment of chevrons and brass buttons can accommodate virtually any situation.

Complete your Civil War uniform with other accessories like a kepi or forage hat, leather holster, straps, and more. At Military Uniform Supply, we are constantly adding more items to our inventory of Civil War uniforms and clothing, so be sure to revisit our selection for more unique items.